Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where did all this technolo gy come from if

So today I feel as if I am one old man. I learned today that technology has come out of nowhere. This afternoon I called my girlfriend Brittany and we set up a skype conversation. Not only did we just talk we also set up a video. I had no idea that I could push a button and see my girlfriend is 10 hours away for me. We got to talk and look at each other for 2 hours it was absolutely amazing. In the process of setting up the microphone I found the program on my computer. It is a voice recognition program and all I have to do is talking to the microphone and will type for me. I haven't typed a single thing so far. All I am doing is talking and the computer type for me. It is quite convenient however you have to talk slowly and it messes up a lot. So forgive any grammar errors!

It is time for me to go to bed I am quite a fan of this technology.


growingfreely said...

yes!!! you are such a blogger. i am so glad you're on here. can't wait to read more. yeah!

Courtney Hope said...

welcome to the blogging world papa hess.

i'm a fan.
and yea! for discovering skype.

Shannon Kelly said...

i love the title of this blog... I tried to "speak" a paper once with voice recognition... didn't work out too well